Workplace Safety and Health

Inspection and Audit

Prevention is better than cure. If safety measures were in place, it would prevent workplace incidents from occuring.
Injuries sustained at workplaces are still on the rise. If you are unsure of the risk level of the activity, spend some time to do a risk assessment.

Not getting a response or support from your management? Encounter road blocks while trying to get your point across?
Engage us! We conduct comprehensive inspection and solutions that are catered to your particular situation and not textbook kind of solutions. The greatest benefit of engaging a third party vendor is the stringent inspection by us, we are able to observe and take note of things that may sometimes elude you.

Contact us, it is that simple.

Arrange for a visit

Arrangement to visit your worksite or workplace by our inspector


Observations by our inspector compiled and sent to you for follow-up


Followup actions completed and report generated for your reference

Checklist provided by Workplace Safety and Health Council for your reference.