Course Description

This course provides learners with knowledge and skills to be a Risk Management Champion for the organisation in reducing risks at source by managing the risk management process at the workplace. It involves developing a practical risk management implementation plan for the organisation which identify specific actions to be taken, by whom and time for their completion.

SDU Points: 8

Course Content

  • Understanding the WSH Risk Management Regulation
  • Code of practice for Risk Management 2015
  • How to conduct a proper Risk Assessment
  • Managing the risk at work
  • Introduction to AutoRA© Software

Target Audience

This course is specially designed for:

  • Management
  • Health and safety personnel
  • Line supervisors
  • Team leaders


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Help the team to recognise and understand how managing their risk benefits them, their performance and the broader enterprise
  • Learn how to make precise and powerful decisions on behalf of your business, driving actions that work in the real world

Course Information

Mode: Virtual Class

Course Duration: 6 hrs

Course Fee: S$200

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