WSH Improvement Programme

WSH Improvement Programme

WSH Improvement Programme: QES can help instill Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) improvements, by uncovering gaps in your WSH and then fill them with the appropriate action.

Business Under Surveillance Program

Unfortunately for some companies, they would fall under the “Business Under Surveillance” program also known as the BUS program in short.

These are three factors that will attribute to companies falling under this category:-
1. Fatal Accidents
2. Poor WSH management (e.g. poor site conditions)
3. Accumulated demerit points

For these companies, their names are publicly shared on the ministry of manpower website which directly affects their business’s reputation and future business opportunities. They would undergo two phases, “assessment” and “surveillance” with the need to update the Ministry of Manpower’s Occupational Safety and Health Division on a regular basis. Companies that have demonstrated significant improvement to their WSH standards would then be allowed to exit the program.

Do not allow your company to fall under the BUS program as it would greatly affect the business’s reputation as mentioned. Read on more to find out what we can do to prevent this.

Implementing the WSH improvement programme

In order to advocate and instill Workplace Safety and Health (WSH), companies often engage auditors to uncover gaps and then fill them with the appropriate action. However, WSH isn’t an easy game of just having proper procedures and processes. WSH encompasses the former, the mindset, the right practice, and the realization of the consequences of incorrect practices.

QE Safety has had success stories with our existing clients on improving their condition of WSH. WSH improvement program was then created to value add our existing offerings to our clients.

WSH Improvement Programme – Our Involvement

To aid in the understanding of the current WSH standards, we assess your company with these few steps:-
1. Physical inspection at your premises
2. Document review
3. Interview
With the above completed, we are able to better assess the current standards.

Program Flow

A five-step program will kick in after the assessment of the situation.
They involve:-
1. Assessment
2. Recommendation
3. Intervention
4. Review
5. Monitor and Evaluate

Projected Results

While the results may vary, these five main improvements can be seen throughout our program implementation.
1. Reduce in Workplace Accidents
2. No high insurance premium
3. Reduce loss in man-days due to reduce accidents
4. Reduce in authority fines
5. Safe culture instilled

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