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An Engaged Workforce for Maximum Business Impact

Workplace Security Tips: QE Safety Consultancy believes that an engaged organization is crucial in any field, in order to attain greatest heights. An engaged workforce spirit is portrayed through the willingness of its employees to contribute positively to the company. It can also be said that an engaged workforce is what separates outstanding performers from the rest of the pack. Experts claim that people who are from a highly engaged workforce are able to go for the extra mile and put more effort into what they are doing. The workers will be determined to contribute to the business results, and eventually impact the quality of their company’s products or services.

Workplace Security Tips

Workplace Security Tips

1. Leadership matters.

Leadership matters. It all starts from the top management team. Workers will not inherently understand they have to carry out the procedures, by following a set of protocols. It is entirely up to the management to train their employees and inculcate the importance of safety aspects in their daily tasks. The company culture has to encompass the specific criteria in ensuring workplace safety, which includes leading and acting safe together.

2. Implement safety surveys.

Make some effort in knowing your employees’ knowledge and understanding about safety guidelines and expectations. Distribute safety forms to find out if they are familiar with the company policies and procedures, as well as safety and health related aspects. Ensure they are well adapted to the corporate safety aspects. Do not hesitate to get their perspectives on the health and safety in your workplace. Once you have received their feedbacks, execute them and observe how it uplifts your company performance and productivity.

3. Organize pre-shift huddles.

The main objective of this event is to provide an open and non-punitive forum so that employees can openly discuss and communicate about safety at working environments. Employers can reinforce the safety culture at their individual workplaces. For example, covering near-injury misses, latest hazards and also educate their workers on how to handle equipments for the benefit of everyone.

4. Build and encourage one-to-one discussions.

Employers, specifically can build trust and show respect towards the safety aspects of their workers by engaging in informal discussions once in a while. Opinions and perspectives of associates can be earned and shared at such a platform, which will eventually benefit all layers of staffs. Not only that, this can also be used as a great platform to obtain feedback from employees who may sometimes not be comfortable bringing up health and safety concerns in front of a large group.

5. Trainings.

Make it a routine to frequently have training session for employees, especially
targeting the new batch of staffs at work. Providing these training is of utmost importance as it greatly helps to for a culture of workplace safety. In a long run, these organizations will have the best practices, and a strong understanding of safety guidelines among its employees. Therefore it is safe to say, these workplaces will be able to identify and prevent potential hazards before they occur. This not only saves us money, but also leads to lesser injuries or fatalities and boosts employee morale.


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