Safety and Health Risk Management

Safety and Health Risk Management: Unveiled in 2005, Ministry of Manpower introduced a new occupational safety and health framework which focuses on minor yet impactful improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace. The principle under this new framework is to mitigate safety and health risks at source.

In Singapore, safety plays an important factor to all types of industries. All organizations aim to attain a level of certification; this at the same time enhances the public view towards the organizations attitude towards safety. As a result, to be adequately-safe, we regularly review the likelihood of an accident occurring.

For any work activities, be it “working in confined spaces” or “working at height”, there is a risk of a an accident of certain severity occurring which may result in injuries or in the worst situation, Death. Equipping employees with adequate training is a major factor in keeping risks low. Knowledge attained from the training which includes various scenarios, the employee decreases the level of risk involved for the organization. All risks at work are controllable which means that accidents and death are preventable. Specific methods of control are better than the others in certain situations. Some situations require more than one control method to achieve a higher level safety standard. Regardless of the measures taken, the aim is to reduce the likelihood of occurrence of injuries. Ultimately, before commencement of work, the risk level must be of acceptable level.

Safety and Health Risk management as mentioned in our first paragraph, is a process devised to assess risk, to determine the control measures and to takes appropriate actions to reduce risk. Workplace identified by the organization for upgrades or repairs requires the organization to conduct risk assessment. This identifies the source of risks, measures required to mitigate the risks and the involved personnel to make it happen.

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Risk Assessment

WSH Risk Management Regulations 2006, Section 3 regulation 1

3.—(1) In every workplace, the employer, self-employed person and principal shall conduct a risk assessment in relation to the safety and health risks posed to any person who may be affected by his undertaking in the workplace

Risk assessment is the process which identifies the safety and health hazards associated with work that assesses the level of risks involved thus allowing the organization to prioritize measures to control the hazards and reduce the risks. A sample collection of clients data (Fig 1.) collected and analyzed by QE Safety Consultancy since 2015 , indicated an average of 1.5hrs (150mins) spent on one risk assessment. To compare it with our daily lives, that is equivalent to watching a movie at the cinema.

Safety and Health Risk Management
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