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Confined Space Case Study

Case Study 1

Project Fact File

This company specializes in fuel distribution system where they design, construct, install and maintain them on a regular basis. It would not be an understatement to mention that they are a highly qualified company as they are often approached by government agencies to tender for projects related to fuel systems and even big brand names in the logistic, warehousing and oil & gas industries.

They have been regarded in high reputation and is considered to be one of the leading companies in their industry. Due to this fact, they must maintain their high standards of work and at the same time ensure that their workers are working in an entirely safe environment.

Our Involvement

We were engaged as the safety partner for this company and that meant that we were empowered to instill and enforce safety for the entire company.

The intricacies of working with a leading company in their industry meant that we need to have a holistic approach in handling their requirements. Many projects due to their nature have different requirements and in that companies are usually at a lost during the planning and/or execution phase.

As with every issues in tackling multiple projects concurrently, we tend to seek a common understanding and set it as the basis for the safety requirements. By doing so, we can ensure that all projects meet the safety requirements.

Our services include and not limited to;

  • Conducting Risk assessment and Safe Work Procedure according to the relevant legal and other requirements
  • Assessing the confined space for safe access and egress
  • Conduct confined space rescue drill

Case Study 2

Project Fact File

This company specializes in work in deep wells and manholes. While it has been a smooth sailing experience for them thus far, the company wanted to conduct emergency rescue drills in the event of accidents. With an actual simulation, the workers would be able to practise what they have been thought in theory.

Our Involvement

The simulation had the entire company taking part and alongside our safety officers were present to ensure that the proper process and procedure was done. Actual equipment were provided for the workers to feel the actual weight and how are rescues done.

Workers had to observe a full demonstration conducted by QE Safety. After the demonstration was completed, the workers were assigned with different roles and they smoothly executed the rescue with little guidance.


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