What is bizSAFE

What is bizSAFE: A Detailed Outline

What is bizSAFE: Companies in the bizSAFE community can proudly display the bizSAFE logo on their business collaterals (such as letterheads. name cards, etc.) as a reflection of their commitment to safety. In addition, bizSAFE enterprises enjoy other business privileges and advantages offered by partners who participate in this program. As a safety measure, members of the public can verify on the company’s bizSAFE via the self-help tool done by WSH Council.

In this program, there are five different levels to achieve. To start, your enterprise’s top management must show commitment to WSH. The efforts must be sustained until a good WSH management system is achieved.

bizSAFE Steps

What is bizSAFE
Level 1
To embark on the bizSAFE journey, your enterprise’s top management has to sign up for a 1/2 day workshop for CEOs/Top Management conducted by bizSAFE service providers. Upon completion of the workshop, your company will be granted bizSAFE Level 1 status.

Going on to Level 2 and 3
For Level 2, your enterprise must nominate a Risk Management (RM) Champion to attend a bizSAFE course on Risk Management. At the end of the course, the RM Champion must be able to chart out the RM Implementation Plan. Your enterprise will then be upgraded to bizSAFE Level 2.

All workplaces covered under the Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA) are required to conduct a risk assessment for every work activity and process carried out at their workplaces.

Workplaces that have achieved Level 3 would have their RM implementation. This is an important step towards complying with the requirements in the WSHA and its subsidiary legislation. In order to attain Level 3 status, your enterprise must engage a MOM-Approved WSH auditor to assess the implementation of RM in your enterprise.

The journey continues
For Level 4, your enterprise must select a Workplace Safety and Health Management System (WSHMS) Programme Lead to attend the course on WSHMS. With the acquired knowledge, the WSHMS Programme Lead must be able to develop a WSH Implementation Plan for your enterprise. After completing the WSHMS Plan, your enterprise may apply for Level 4 status.

To achieve Level STAR, your enterprise must obtain ISO 45001:2018 Certification issued by SAC accredited certification bodies OR OHSAS 18001 or other equivalent certification accompanied by an RM Implementation Audit Report by MOM-Approved WSH Auditor.

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