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Navigating crisis management is important at workplace. More businesses are seen to be invested in developing new and effective strategies for crisis management issues at workplace.

Different companies face dire internal issues such as with technology, operational systems etc. while there are some companies which also face varied types of crises, including workplace accidents, fire and many more. Workplace fires are more common than some may realize and preventive measures should be practised.

One of such incidents is the Tuas explosion, which happened on Wednesday (February 24). This incident caused the death of 3 workers, whereas 5 others are in critical condition. Two other workers who were taken to hospital have been discharged.

The Ministry of Manpower’s preliminary investigations found that the explosion was caused by the accumulation of potato starch in a confined environment. Mr Silas Sng, commissioner for workplace safety and health, said, “Potato starch is one of the materials that this particular company used for its product. Over time, the dust can accumulate, especially if the ventilation or housekeeping is inadequate.”

It is saddening to see that the latest deaths took the number of workplace fatalities recorded last month to 10, compared with the 30 workplace deaths recorded in the whole of last year.

Tuas fire: 3 dead, 5 in critical condition

Do not let your workplace be a part of these statistics!!!

Do not let negligence be the downfall of your organization. Act now & familiarize yourself with the common causes of fire and fire safety duties to prevent fires on a daily basis.

Read further to know some basic measures to avoid fire incidents at your workplace.

Tips to Avoid the Flames

Fix Faulty Electrics
• Check that outlets are not overloaded, overheated or shorted.
• Check for faulty or frayed wiring.
• Keep combustible objects, e.g. paper, fabric, and plastics, away from electrical equipment.

Handle Combustible Materials with Care
• Do not store rubbish on site. Store it in a designated area away from the main building(s).
• If materials have to be stored on site, keep the area supplied with adequate firefighting equipment.
• Ensure everyone on the premises has an awareness of fire safety.

Carefully Discard Cigarettes
• Having proper cigarette disposal bins in designated smoking areas.
• Having the designated smoking area situated far from main buildings and flammables.
• Having smoking guidelines with which everyone is familiar.


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