Safety measures at a workplace not only protect employees but also equipment and business property. A reduction in the rate of injuries and damage to the equipment will lead to a higher profit gained from the business.

A safe work environment is crucial at an organization in order to maintain its competitive edge. We can see and hear many incidents occurring at workplaces, and these emphasize the need for safety professionals at different industries to have a seat at the table to discuss on the safety precautions at their workplace.

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An incident which shook many industries, where one of two people listed as directors (Mr. Koh Kok Heng, 53) at JMS Construction died when he was overseeing construction work of a semi-detached house.

The deceased fell through a floor opening and eventually landed on a staircase about 4.7m below, and was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), this fatal accident which took place on 10 February 2021, was the fourth work related death within the first 10 days of this month. This is a poignant example which showcases the importance of workplace safety for all-staffs-levels, including the C-Suite members.

The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council has again reminded industries at risk, namely construction, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and alike to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment before they allow work to proceed. Site-specific hazards should be identified while risk controls put in place to allow work to proceed. Furthermore, appropriate warning signs must also be put up near the opening to inform workers of the presence of a fall hazard. Floor openings must be identified, securely covered or have guard rails. Warning signs must be put up and also communicated to on-site personnel, including management staff, workers, contractors and visitors. Personnel who are feeling unwell should abstain from working at heights.

The measures mentioned above are by no means an exhaustive list- many other methods should be implemented at workplaces to ensure such incidents do not occur. A lot of organizations, they have the best procedures in places but it is the implementation of the procedures that fails. A professional consultancy company such as QE Safety Consultancy can help you reduce overhead costs and implement cost-effective solutions.

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