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Safe Lifting Operation Case Study

Case Study 1

Project Fact File

This company is in the industry of mechanical engineering where they had been appointed as contractor for the installation of fuel distribution systems. Stricter measures are usually enforced for these projects.

Our Involvement

We deployed our WSH Coordinator and 1 lifting team which comprises of 1 lifting supervisor, 1 rigger and 1 signal man to enforce and improve their workplace safety and health standards and thus preventing accidents from happening. Lifting operations require calculations to be made so that lifting, loading and unloading is made safe.

Our scope of work

includes and not limited to;

  • Conduct Risk Assessment and Safe Work Procedure
  • Coordinate with client safety team
  • Site inspection
  • Assess all hazardous work activities
  • Conduct Toolbox meeting daily
  • Evaluate effect effectiveness of the existing control measures

Preparation to unload Fuel Distribution System

Unloading Fuel Distribution System


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