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Risk Assessment Singapore

Risk Assessment Singapore: It is used to identify any hazard or risk that could possibly cause harm to fellow colleagues or even your clients/participants in an event or even identifying any financial risk in performing certain business functions. Risk Assessment can allow you to carefully analyze, evaluate to mitigate or eliminate any potential risk awaiting to happen.

So, Why is Risk assessment important? Risk assessment is an important aspect to many businesses as it form an integral part of an occupation health and safety management plan. it help your employees create awareness and identify personnel who and what (e.g. assets) may be at risk. where businesses can then determine if a control plan or measures would be adequate enough to prevent them from occurring.

Risk Assessment Singapore

Recent Case Study

Recently on 28th October 2020, a large ceiling fan at 21 street eating house at Tampines spun out of control after hitting a ladder, causing injuries to patrons. A picture of a man applying pressure to his head with tissue paper was also circulated on social media. In the next photo, we can also see that 2 of the 6 fan blades were missing from the fan. As a result of this, the signboard on the stall located near the fan was also damaged and have since been remove from the stall, other debris around the fan was also chipped off in the event.

As of 29 October 2020, the fan has been completely removed, witnesses mentioned that after the fan maintenance was done, the ladder was still in an upright position stationed near the fan when the fan is turned on. At some point in time, the ladder was closed and it tipped off in the direction of the fan causing it to spin out of control.

The importance of Risk Assessment Singapore can be portrayed in this instance. where the coffee shop/maintenance personnel could have assessed the risk of performing maintenance during peak dinner service hour, which could have prevented this disaster and the injury of the patrons. If they have done a risk assessment prior to this, they could have identified the risk and prevented it from happening by turning off the fan before moving the ladder, performing the action of maintenance, or moving the ladder after service hours or at a time where there would be lesser patrons. Feel free to check our WSH Risk Management Training.


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