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Safety Consultant at QE Safety Mr.Colin Seah interviewed by Channel News Asia for the topic “Danger zones – how workplace safety lapses are costing lives”

IN FOCUS: Danger zones – how workplace safety lapses are costing lives
Mr Colin Seah, safety consultant at QE Safety, who has been in the industry for more than 10 years, gave one example: He has asked workers to erect barriers at work sites to prevent falls, only to have them removed later, sometimes the very day they were put up.

When he asked them why, the answer could be that the barricade got in the way, as construction materials are being moved up to the higher floor through that access point.

Contractors and construction supervisors have told him that Singapore works on an “Asian schedule” – everything has to be fast, but wants Western standards of safety at the same time.

Expressing the frustration he feels at times as a safety specialist, he said: “There’s a problem – we solve it, but sometimes our hands are tied.”

There can be many underlying reasons for taking shortcuts, he said, ranging from time pressure, lack of manpower or experience, to inadequate resources – as safety gear can be expensive.

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