Marine (SOPEP) Oil Spill Response Kit

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These handy clean-up kits provide a complete solution to accidental spills of oil or fuel on water. These kits can be stored on board ship or at a strategic location in a marina or on a dock. These spill kits can be used around waterways, marinas, sailing clubs, ports and decks of ship, which is also ideal to be used in big spill capability, and has a capacity up to 1100 litres. There are different types of spill kits, such as for oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, solvents & other petroleum products.

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Regulation 37 of MARPOL Annex I requires that oil tankers of 150 gross tonnage and above and all ships of 400 gross tonnage and above carry an approved Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP).
As a part of this contingency planning, vessels under 400’ require a 7 barrel (11OOL) Marine Spill Kit. Vessels over 400’ require a 12 barrel (1900L) Marine Spill Kit. These spill kits contain a variety of oil only absorbents and PPE for addressing shipboard spills.

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