Data Privacy Statement

QE Safety Consultancy Pte Ltd (QE Safety) collects personal data from you when you register as a course participant and any email enquiry for any service offered by QE Safety. We use this data for administrative purposes relating to the legitimate interests of QE Safety. QE Safety will take the necessary steps to ensure that our practices conform to the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2012.

Personal Identification

We collect NRIC/FIN/Work Permit/Passport Number or equivalent where required. As QE Safety conduct training courses, these data provide a high degree of identification to a specific individual and their qualification to perform the respective action.


We may receive and record information on our servers from your browser (including your IP address and cookie information) when you browse or search on our websites. Although browser sessions may be tracked, individual users will remain anonymous.


Your personal data may be collected, used or disclosed by QE Safety for the following purposes in connection with the processing of your queries in respect of services provided by QE Safety:

  • to process and/or attend to your query relating to services offered by QE Safety; to respond to your query and provide you with the relevant information relating to services offered by QE Safety
  • to provide you with relevant information relating to areas of interests indicated in your query

During the course of your participation or attendance at training organised or held by QE Safety, photograph(s) or video image(s) of you may be taken or recorded for news and publicity purposes relating to the legitimate interests of QE Safety. By participating in or attending the same, you agree for QE Safety to collect, use, reproduce, publish, adapt, apply or otherwise deal with the same in any medium and format (whether in their present, adapted or modified form) for the said purposes.


We may need to disclose your personal data when required by statutory or legal requirements to do so.


QE Safety deploys appropriate security technologies to safeguard your personal data.

Last updated: 29 Nov 2018