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On-Site WSH Professional Case Study

Case Study 1

Project Fact File

This company has been appointed as the main contractor for a construction site. As per Singapore’s regulations, the company has to employ a number of Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Officers according to the contract sum. Due to its contract sum and higher risks of accidents, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower places these projects under their tight radar.
As a matter of fact, up to 80% of fatality accidents occur in projects with huge contract sum.

Our Involvement

Our WSH professional was deployed at a site located at Buangkok. With the duty as the WSH Officer, he was responsible for the safety at the site.

The immediate action taken was to ensure all hard barricades were rigid, with the mid rails and top rails fully secured.

Toe boards had to be installed to prevent any potential falling objects into the excavation pits.

The workforce including the sub contractors were reactive when coming to safety intervention. He spear headed their mentality of safety is not the job of the employees in blue only, but to all.He started of the daily tool box talks with me giving topics on hazards identification, risk mitigation and application of safe work practices. HSE training was conducted weekly on various topics including environment protection and prevention of diseases.

The staffs of the project site have revamped and the safety culture has improved to pro activeness.

They are aware of what safety is and we have started the safety mentality of “Nobody Gets Hurt” at all times, even if not at work.

Observation of Safety Measures


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