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Risk Assessment Case Study

Case Study 1

Project Fact File

This company is an appointed contractor by a hospital and they were assigned to perform some general works above the tunnel. This tunnel is situated beneath the hospital which can be considered as quite sensitive. In order for works to be carried out safely above the tunnel, a risk assessment has to be performed. In particular, this tunnel has been out of bounds for a long period of time thus it would require a highly trained professional to enter and access the foundation of the tunnel.

Entrance to the Tunnel

Our Involvement

We were engaged periodically for this company’s projects and were tasked with the onsite risk assessment. Without the actual sighting of the site, it may be hard to imagine to have such a tunnel intact in this condition and the most knotty of all being located directly beneath the hospital.

Our safety officer equipped himself with necessary equipment like breathing apparatus and devices to detect any irregularity in the air. The hazards and the risk controls were recommended before allowing them to start their work resulting in a safety completed project.

Case Study 2

Project Fact File

This company was appointed as the contractor to conduct general works for a river. Thankfully for Singapore, we are surrounded by our neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia shielding us from tsunamis. On top of that, Singapore is not near any major fault line thus eliminating the earthquakes. That makes work much simpler as those are factors that is hard to forecast accurately. For works to be conducted at a river, there would be many concerns for one to consider. A series of thought would have to be given especially on the safety aspect.

Our Involvement

We were approached to provide an alternative professional opinion as the initial proposed plans were considered to be too costly and ineffective.

We proposed the company with a plan to conduct the survey during low tide with still waters and at the same time came up with an emergency response plan.

As a result, the cost was heavily reduced and lesser effort was required to conduct their work as compared to the initial plans.

Risk Assessment for River Works


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