Noise Monitoring

Noise Monitoring

QES helps companies conduct noise monitoring as it is mandatory for companies that deal with noisy environments (such as construction, engineering, etc.) to conduct a monitoring check once every 3 years.

What is it?

Noise monitoring as the name suggests is to monitor the noise level in particularly of workplaces which have 10 or more people that are exposed to possible excessive noises. It is mandatory for companies with such environment to conduct a monitoring check once every 3 years.

How does excessive noise affect you?

  • On top of possible hearing issues on your employees, it also affects the surrounding occupants and neighbors.
  • Queries and complaints of excessive noise are made on the basis of what the public perceives to be excessive.
  • With the monitoring conducted by qualified professionals, your work would not be hindered by queries and complaints of such.

What do we do?

  • As a qualified noise monitoring service provider, our professionals have underwent and attained the proper certification.
  • Aside from the standard procedure, we also provide recommendations towards reducing and preventing excessive noise to be produced.

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