Course Description

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program with a variety of data-controlling features, such as sharing workbooks, advanced charting, PowerView, Slicers, and timelines. The Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Training Course walks you through all of Excel 2013’s fundamental and advanced functions, using screenshots, examples, and explanations to help you understand the software quickly. The course covers everything from constructing Arrays to dealing with macros and forms to advanced chart capabilities, formatting slicers, and working with workbooks.

Course Content

  • Getting Started
  • Working with Permissions and Options
  • Sharing Workbooks
  • Performing Advanced Formula and Function Tasks
  • Working with Array Formulas
  • Working with Macros
  • Working with Forms
  • Applying Advanced Chart Features
  • Working with PivotTables and Pivot Charts
  • Working with Power View
  • Working with Multiple Tables in Data Analysis
  • Wrapping Up

Course Information

Mode: Face-to-Face, Online, or Hybrid Class

Course Duration: 1.0 Days

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