Course Description

The International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) – the most well acknowledged independent global benchmark for Six Sigma Certification – offers a comprehensive training and exam preparation course to help you get your Black Belt Certification. The QES Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training Course will teach you about the fundamentals and advanced phases of Six Sigma.

Course Content

  • What is Quality (Introduction)
  • Enterprise-wide View (Introduction)
  • Lean (Introduction)
  • Leadership (Introduction)
  • Roles and Responsibilities (Introduction)
  • Six Sigma Important Stakeholders (Define Phase)
  • Critical X Requirements (Define Phase)
  • Benchmarking (Define Phase)
  • Business Performance Measures (Define Phase)
  • Financial Measures (Define Phase)
  • Voice of Customer and satisfaction levels (Define Phase)
  • Critical to Quality Flowdown (Define Phase)
  • Quality Function Deployment (Define Phase)
  • Performance Metrics (Define Phase)
  • Project Charter (Define Phase)
  • Project Management and Tracking (Define Phase)
  • Wrap Up & Action Items (Define Phase)
  • Processes and Process Characteristics (Measure Phase)
  • Process Maps and Flow Chart (Measure Phase)
  • SIPOC (Measure Phase)
  • Data Types and Measurement Scales (Measure Phase)
  • Data Collection (Measure Phase)
  • Sampling Strategies (Measure Phase)
  • Fishbone Diagram (Measure Phase)
  • Relational Matrix/Priortisation Matrix (Measure Phase)
  • Basic Statistics (Measure Phase Module)
  • Graphical Methods (Measure Phase)
  • Inferential Statistics (Measure Phase)
  • Gauge R and R (Measure Phase)
  • Process Capability Analysis (Measure Phase)
  • Wrap Up & Action Items (Measure Phase)
  • Graph and Data Analysis (Analyse Phase)
  • Multi-Vari Analysis (Analyse Phase)
  • Intro to Hypothesis Testing (Analyse Phase)
  • Hypothesis Testing Normal Data (Analyse Phase)
  • Hypothesis Testing Non-Normal Data (Analyse Phase)
  • Pareto Charts (Analyse Phase)
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (Analyse Phase)
  • Non-Value Added Activities (Analyse Phase)
  • Value Stream Mapping (Analyse Phase)
  • Wrap Up & Action Items (Analyse Phase)
  • Generate New and Re-used Solutions (Improve Phase)
  • 5S (Improve Phase)
  • Evaluate and select top solution (Improvement Phase)
  • Designing Experiments (Improve Phase)
  • Kaizen and Kanban and Theory of Constraints (Improvement Phase)
  • Single Minute Exchange of Die (Improve Phase)
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation (Improve Phase)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (Improve Phase)
  • Lean Six Sigma Logistics (Improve Phase)
  • Wrap Up & Action Items (Improve Phase)
  • Statistical Process Control – SPC (Control Phase)
  • Maintain Controls (Control Phase)
  • Wrap Up & Action Items (Control Phase)

Course Information

Mode: Face-to-Face, Online, or Hybrid Class

Course Duration: 10 Days (Total time to complete will be up to 174 hours over the six weeks).

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