ISO-14064 Greenhouse Gas – Lead GHG Verifier / Validator Training – For ISO 14064-1:2018 & ISO 14064-2:2019 including requirement of ISO 14064-3:2019

Course Description

With a set of tools, ISO 14064 Lead GHG Verifier Course provides industry and government can develop programs to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere.
The ISO 14064 standard is divided into three parts that provide information on: GHG inventories (Part 1), GHG projects (Part 2), and guidance for the validation and verification of GHG information (Part 3).
This course include principles and requirements for designing, developing, managing and reporting towards regulatory compliance.
The course meets the training requirements for auditor certification and sets an in-depth understanding.

UTAP grant supported, able to claim up to 50% of course fee.

Course Content

  • ISO 14064 standards series
  • GHG protocells and legislations
  • Drivers for reporting
  • GHG Inventories
  • Organizational Boundaries and Reporting Boundaries
  • Introduction to Emission Factors
  • Activity Data & emission factors
  • Calculation methodology and emission factors
  • Introduction to ISO 14064-1 : 2018 requirements Cl 5-7
  • GHG Information management & reporting requirements
  • Introduction to ISO 14064-3 , ISO 14065 & iso 14066
  • Introduction to verification process
  • Verification Process & verification agreement
  • Strategic review and risk analysis

Target Audience

  • This course is specially designed for:
    Those with an interest in developing a career in GHG verification, or practitioners wanting to understand the verification process to develop internal audit processes.
  • Those works with governments, industry associations, NGOs, businesses, and other organizations around the world to build credible, effective, and robust GHG accounting and reporting platforms that serve as a foundation to address climate change.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify GHG related risks and opportunities
  • Promote consistency and transparency around your GHG quantification, monitoring, reporting and reduction
  • Prepare and present GHG inventory report in professionally accepted format
  • Implement a clear GHG management strategy plan
  • Track performance in the reduction of GHG emissions
  • Promote accountability across your organisation
  • Demonstrate conformity to specified quality management system requirements
  • Ability to make informed decisions from the outset

Course Information

Mode: Virtual Class

Course Duration: 32 hrs [4 days]

Course Fee: S$1800

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