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Back in our previous posts “What is bizSAFE” and “Benefits of bizSAFE“, we talked about what is bizSAFE and its benefits. If you have been constantly following our articles, you would have gotten a brief idea of what is bizSAFE. If you are new to us, you can gain an understanding by reading our summarized version.

Note that enterprises or companies have to include measures against terror threats now.

We’ve prepared a table and its required actions to obtain the various levels of bizSAFE.

How to apply for bizSAFE – QE Safety Consultancy 31 Mar 2018
bizSAFE 1Applicants (Company owner, Director, CEO/Top management, and one who has the responsibilities to carry out safety policy in the company) must attend a 1-day workshop titled “Workshop for CEO/Top Management (bizSAFE Level 1)”Valid for 6 months from approval
bizSAFE 2The enterprise must nominate a Risk Management (RM) champion to attend a bizSAFE course on Risk Management which is usually titled as “Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan bizSAFE Level 2”. At the end of the course, the RM Champion must chart out the RM implementation planValid for 6 months from approval
bizSAFE 3The enterprise must engage an approved independent auditor to assess the implementation of Risk Management in the enterprise. Upon approval, the enterprise will be recognized as a bizSAFE level 3 enterprise.Valid for 3 years from approval
bizSAFE 4The enterprise must nominate a Workplace Safety and Health Management System (WSHMS) Programme Lead to attend the bizSAFE course on “Develop a WSH Management System Implementation Plan (bizSAFE Level 4)”. With the acquired knowledge, the WSHMS Programme Lead must be able to develop a WSHMS Implementation Plan for your enterprise.Valid for 3 years from approval
bizSAFE StarThe enterprise must engage an independent third-party certification company to certify that the WSHMS meets SS506 or similar international standards. With the audit report on those standards, the enterprise must submit an online application to obtain bizSAFE Level Star.Valid for 3 years from approval of the ISO 45001:2018 (Also known as OHSAS18001)




To ensure that companies are regularly updated with the latest measures and guidelines, bizSAFE certificates come with an expiry date. Level 1 and 2 is valid for 6 months from the approval date whereas level 3 and 4 are valid for 3 years from the approval date. bizSAFE star validity would be tagged with ISO 45001:2018 (previously known as OHSAS 18001).

When it comes to the bizSAFE renewal application, WSHC has made a tool for companies to check on their expiry. Companies simply need to input their company names or UEN number in the respective field to retrieve their bizSAFE validity.

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