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Project Management and Professionals

QES is a professional firm offering EHS Outsourcing services where we only engage fully qualified and registered personnel for your project management needs, enabling you to focus on the larger scale. We have been rendering Outsourcing Services across Singapore to various industries such as construction, oil & gas, shipyard, manufacturing, food & beverages & other service industries.

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EHS Outsourcing

EHS Outsourcing – List of Positions

Workplace Safety and Health Officer (WSHO)

Workplace Safety & Health Coordinator (WSHC)

Environmental Control Officer (ECO)

Fire Safety Manager (FSM)

Confined Space Assessor

Work at Height Assessor

Scaffold Supervisor/ Erector

Benefits of Outsourcing with QES

  • Risk Sharing
  • Time Saving
  • Best technical Staff
  • Available to start immediately
  • Reduced Costs
  • Better Efficiency
  • Process optimization & rising efficiency
  • Avoid people’s permanent liability
  • Immediate replacement available
  • Liberating capital for other purposes
  • Minimize the pressure on HR Department
  • Operational control & Cost reduction
  • Faster & Quality Service
  • Act as a mentor to less experienced staff
  • Flexibility in Staffing
  • Cooperating with Specialists from Narrow Area

Do You Need WSH Professionals FAQ?

For a quick reference, we have tabulated the table below. While it is in accordance with the respective regulations, organizations may choose to engage these professionals for peace of mind if they are unsure.

When do I need a WSHO also known as a “Safety Officer”?

1) Shipyards in which any ship, tanker, and other vessels are constructed, reconstructed, repaired, refitted, finished, or broken up.
2) Factories used for processing petroleum or petroleum products.
3) Factories in which building operations or works of engineering construction of a contract sum of $10 million or more are carried out.
4) Any other factories in which 100 or more persons are employed, except those which are used for manufacturing garments.

When do I need a WSHC also known as a “Safety coordinator”?

Worksites, where the contract sum of the building operation or works of engineering construction carried out therein, is less than $10 million.

When do I need a Confined Space Assessor?

Areas that are confined and where it may pose a danger to the employees conducting work

When do I need a Work At Heights Assessor?

Areas where there is work at height activity in the workplace.

When do I need an Environmental Control Officer?

Areas pertaining to environmental health issues the contract sum of your construction project is $10 million or more

– Part-time ECO is required if the contract sum is between $10 to $50 million

– Full-time ECO is required if the contract sum exceeds $50 million or whenever necessary to control the environmental issue

When do I need a Fire Safety Manager?

Public Buildings (inclusive of Commercial Buildings)– is of 9 stories or more (including any basement) in height;

– is used, constructed or adapted to be used as a hospital;

– has a floor area of 5000 square meters or more;

– has an occupant load of 1000 persons or more


Industrial Buildings

– has a floor area or site area of 5000 square meters or more

– has an occupant load of 1,000 persons or more

When do I need a Senior Fire Safety Manager?

Public or Industrial Buildings– has an occupant load of 5,000 persons or more and

(i) that is of 31 stories or more (including any basement) in height;

(ii) that has a gross floor area of 50,000 square meters or more; or

(iii) that has a basement story with a floor area of 10,000 square meters or more; or

– in respect of which fire safety works are carried out according to a plan using an alternative solution, the Commissioner may reasonably determine to be complex.


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