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Responsibilities:Confined Space Assessor, Confined Space Assessor Equipment

  • Conduct risk assessment on confined space
  • Inspect and certify confined space suitable for usage
  • Check for anomalies with tools

Confined space’’ means any chamber, tank, manhole, vat, silo, pit, pipe, flue or other enclosed space, in which —

1. Dangerous gases, vapors, or fumes are liable to be present to such an extent as to involve a risk of fire or explosion, or persons being overcome thereby;

 2. The supply of air is inadequate, or is likely to be reduced to be inadequate, for sustaining life; or

 3. There is a risk of engulfment by material

Before any person enters or works in a confined space, it shall be the duty of his responsible person to appoint a person whom the responsible person reasonably believes is competent to carry out the duties of a confined space safety assessor, as a confined space safety assessor for the confined space and issue a confined space entry permit upon evaluation.


Confined Space Entry Permit

CSSA, Confined Space Assessor, Confined Space Manager

A confined space entry permit has to be issued by the assessor before entry can be allowed and must specify the following:-

  1. the description and location of the confined space;
  2. the purpose of entry into the confined space;
  3. the results of the gas testing of the atmosphere of the confined space; and
  4. it’s period of validity.