Course Description

This intermediate computer basics training course is intended for people who have little to no computer knowledge. Participants will gain knowledge and abilities in operating systems, fundamental apps, files and folders, WordPad, NotePad, and other software during this course.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started
– The Parking Lot
– Workshop Objectives
– Action Plans & Evaluations

Lesson 2: Application
– Computes in the Workplace
– Tele-Commuting
– The Electronic World
– Ergonomics
– Safety and the Environment

Lesson 3: Information Networks
– Basic Terms
– Advanced Terms
– Networking Basics
– Basic Internet Concepts
– Internet Security

Lesson 4: Security
– Being Proactive
– Identifying Yourself
– Protecting your Data
– Understanding Malware
– Protecting Against Malware

Course Information

Mode: Face-to-Face, Online, or Hybrid Class

Course Duration: 1.0 Days

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