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Combustible Dust Testing

Combustible Dust Testing: Combustible dust, is a product created from manufacturing processes that involves combustible raw materials. These materials include wood and metals. As combustible dust can be invisible to the human eye, combustible dust particles are a deadly hazard in many workplaces and industries.
There have been scenarios that have cause the dust to become explosive, potentially killing or injuring workers and destroying machinery or even entire facilities.
To prevent dust explosions, workplaces can remove one or more elements and consider control measures such as to eliminate combustible dusts; and to provide controls to minimise the risk. Contact us for combustible dust testing service.

How can QES help your organization with Combustible Dust Testing (CDT)?

  • Inspect workplaces/ facilities that generate or handle combustible dusts and make recommendations to the inspected parties
  • Risks and hazards associated with combustible dust can be determined for a safe working environment to reduce injuries, loss of lives and property damages
  • Best methods to mitigate the risks can be identified
  • Identify economical and practical ways to inspect whether the samples at a facility has dust which could potentially cause explosion
  • Comply with requirements set by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to prevent combustible dust explosion

Combustible Dust Testing


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