Fall Prevention Case Study

Case Study 1

Project Fact File

This company is in the industry of Food & Beverages and is a leading global brand. Located in a standalone building with an extremely high ceiling (estimated 10m), the mezzanine that is accessible by ladder has to have fall prevention measures. This mezzanine is only accessible by contractors conducting regular checks of this building.

Our Involvement

Some buildings do not have safety in consideration during the design stage and that create a hazard for the future usage. We assessed and proposed safety provision to the access and egress of the unit’s roof (7m). There were several restrictions and we had to propose methods that fulfil the WSH legal requirement and the practicality of the user.

Fall Prevention Case Study

Signage on proper equipment to be used prior to ascending

Fall Prevention Case Study

Carabiner Hook to be attached to body harness

Fall Prevention Case Study

Signage properly displayed for possible hazards

Catwalk with railing

Catwalk with railings