QES provides the following Safety training for businesses, Internal auditor training, Lead auditor training, Confined Space rescue training, WSH Risk Management training, and SMO Safe Measurement Measures training.


At QE Safety, we are committed to providing updated and relevant information to you. Constantly updating our team of professionals with Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Singapore ACT updates via official government bodies appointed associations.

Safety is an important aspect that mustn’t be overlooked, regardless of industry, language, and trades. We have trained for many organizations and have raised up many qualified and trained professionals to effectively do their jobs in safety.

All training conducted is unique and customized to your organization which provides your staff with the knowledge to apply good practices suitable for your organization. We aim for our training to not only be relevant but be easy to understand and yet at the same time full of depth.

We have curated five training courses based on demand.

  1. Confined Space Rescue Training
  2. WSH Risk Management Training
  3. Internal Auditor Training
  4. Lead Auditor Training
  5. Safe Management Officer (SMO) Training (Covid-19)


These training courses will effectively transform your organization and equip your staff to become more safety-minded. If you are interested in signing up for any of these courses. Drop an email to otherwise, you can contact us at +65 8838 2583 (Sales Manager), or +65 6694 3200 (Office). Our team will be more than happy to assist your organization to become better.