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CaseTrust is part of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and is Singapore’s standard for firms that want to demonstrate their dedication to fair trade and consumer transparency.

A business that attains it, proves their business commitment to their customers and in turn, instills customer confidence in that business resulting in greater customer loyalty and increased patronage to the business.

Below are some of the industries may require CaseTrust accreditation:

  1. Spa and wellness
  2. Motoring
  3. Renovation
  4. Bus Service providers
  5. Jewelry Businesses
  6. Storefront
  7. Direct selling business
  8. Hair and cosmetology


Casetrust accreditation consultancy

Benefits of Casetrust accreditation: –

Compliant to fair-trading legislation of Singapore greater exposure for the company as it will be listed on the CASE website and its publicity programmes Become recognised as a trusted business in Singapore Gain a competitive edge over your competitors Graphic















How can our company help you attain CaseTrust Accreditation?


In 3 simple steps, we will help you to attain your accreditation.

Casetrust steps










If you are interested in attaining consultancy for CaseTrust, fill-up the form below or call us at +65 8838 2583 (Sales Manager), +65 6694 3200 (Office), or fill-up the form below.

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