Audit and Inspections

Safety Audit, Workplace Safety Audit, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Risk Management, ConSASS

In general, audits and inspections are a check to ensure that the auditee’s company or work is in compliance with the relevant regulations. Often, audits are usually the final step to awarding the company with the certification. Findings depending on their severity level will have to be followed up in a timely manner.

At QE Safety, we have conducted numerous audits and worked with regulators’ auditors. Having to comply with their strict requirements, we are in a good position to prepare our clients for smooth audits.

QES are experts in Auditing and Inspections, including Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS), Internal Auditing, Risk Management Auditing, and Workplace Safety Inspections.

List of audit and inspection services: –

  1. Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Inspection
  2. Internal Audit for ISO
  3. Risk Management Audit (BizSAFE)
  4. Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS)