Updated on 17 September 2020

Thousands of companies in Singapore have attained BizSAFE certification. But what exactly are the benefits of BizSAFE?

We have tabulated the data from our client base and bring you the actual benefits of BizSAFE. Quoting from “SHINE 2017 February Edition“, it states that 89% of client companies would prefer to engage certified Enterprises (over non-certified counterparts) for future contracts.

Companies that are awarded the certification have formalized several safety measures within their organization instilling confidence and trust in their clients.

Statistics from studies

We regularly receive requests from clients for the stated certification. Clients usually require this certificate to tender for projects as that is one of the bare minimum for projects ranging from private to public sector.


BizSAFE Certification Requirements for Project tendersSince the publication of this article, we have gathered more data on what it does for companies.

Companies have also reported mentioning the following benefits:

  • A safety mindset becomes instilled in most employees
  • Employees feel more at ease
  • Employees are more willing to work
  • An improvement in employee retention
  • Employees tend to participate more in contributing ideas



BizSAFE Certification is not mandatory and yet most companies have it. The reason is that the benefits it brings have been proven, leading to the rise in this certification among companies. With a validity of 3 years, being renewable and upgrade-able, at just a small fraction of cost for most companies’ operating expenditure you can also get your own BizSAFE certification.

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