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AutoRA: Overseeing many projects with different Risk Assessments (RA) can consume vast amount of time and energy while increasing the risk of human error in manually managing them. This creates a need for an automated system for all the industries to equip themselves with proper tools for an improved performance insight.

Therefore, we created a robust solution for all Risk Assessments needs.
Introducing AutoRA©. Singapore’s preferred automated Risk Assessment Software since 2014. AutoRA© is designed by our experienced workplace safety and health professionals from all kinds of trade to ease the risk management process. With this continually improving program, we will be able to save your company on time and decrease processes of your risk assessments. With AutoRA© now you can have a database of different Risk Assessments to be done so that you can accomplish your project quicker and simpler. Contact us for more details.


Benefits of AutoRA

Cloud-based software

to enable qualified consultants review your Risk Assessments Online

Permission-based accounts

to prevent unauthorised data access

Auto archive

to store and manage RAs more effectively

Duplicate function

to save time on conducting RAs with similar job scope

Customised controls

to choose from pre- set control measures that meet legal and industry requirement

Email notifications

to receive auto email reminders of expiring RAs

Risk Assessment Library

for easy access to different RAs all over the world using our Database of RAs

Price Plans Made for Everyone!

Choose a plan that fits your budget and buckle up for in depth Risk Assessments our experts have to offer


(1 month free trial)

Up to 25 Users


Up to 5 Users



Up to 25 Users


Unlimited Users

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