Audit and Inspections

In general, audits and inspections are a check to ensure that the auditee’s company or work is in compliance with the relevant regulations. Often, audits are usually the final step to awarding the company with the certification. Findings depending on their severity level will have to be followed up in a timely manner.

At QE Safety, we have conducted numerous audits and worked with regulators’ auditors. Having to comply with their strict requirements, we are in a good position to prepare our clients for smooth audits.

QES are experts in Auditing and Inspections, including Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS), Internal Auditing, Risk Management Auditing, and Workplace Safety Inspections.

Workplace Safety and Health Inspection and Audit

Prevention is better than cure. If safety measures were in place, it would prevent workplace incidents from occurring.
Injuries sustained at workplaces are still on the rise. If you are unsure of the risk level of the activity, spend some time to do a risk assessment.

Not getting a response or support from your management? Encounter roadblocks while trying to get your point across?
Engage us! We conduct comprehensive inspection and solutions that are catered to your particular situation and not textbook kind of solutions. The greatest benefit of engaging a third party vendor is the stringent inspection by us, we are able to observe and take note of things that may sometimes elude you.

Internal Audit

An Internal Audit is often performed prior to an external audit. It helps to identify and measure the preparedness of the company’s standards for the various accreditation.

Most common accreditation as follows: –
1.ISO 9001:2015
2.ISO 14001:2015
3.ISO 45001:2018

For the various accreditation above, our internal audit is used to assess conformity, evaluate the effectiveness, and identify opportunities for improvements. In doing an internal audit, the companies would be better prepared for the external audit.

If you are interested in our internal auditing services, get in touch with us.

Construction Safety Audit Scoring System – ConSASS Audit

ConSASS stands for Construction Safety Audit Scoring System.

“Construction companies with a worksite contract sum of $30 million or more need to submit their workplace’s safety and health management system (SHMS) audit using the Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS)”.
Ministry of Manpower, 12 February 2018

Utilizing the checklist provided along with a WSH auditor, ConSASS has two main benefits.

1. Obtain a profile of the current status and maturity level of a workplace’s SHMS. In doing so, resources can be better allocated to other areas for improvement on safety and health standards
2. Measure the effectiveness of how different workplaces are managing the safety and health risks

ConSASS Audit

How Do We Help your Company with ConSASS Audit?

We will perform a pre-assessment on your workplace in accordance with the ConSASS standards. With the findings from the assessment, we provide solutions that are ConSASS qualified.

If you are interested in performing this pre-assessment to see if your company qualifies for the ConSASS Standards. Get in touch with us.

Audit Process

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