Audiometry Service

Audiometry Service: Audiometry is important if you employ staff in a noisy working environment. QE Safety Consultancy offers an expert hearing screening service across Singapore. Workplace hearing tests should be an integral part of your occupational health strategy if your employees are exposed to noise.

Why Screening is Important?

Employee occupational health screening is an area which has seen continual development for many decades, and audiometry screening is essential at all business levels.
Audiometry testing is effective as it looks to identify trends and identify problems among clients.
Our experts deliver workplace hearing testing programmes for employers of all sizes, enabling them to provide an efficient and friendly service.

Audiometry Service

How do my employees get their hearing tested?

To save unnecessary costs and disruption, we simply require a suitably quiet space on site to perform occupational hearing testing. We can test hearing for any number of employees with our portable equipment with the minimum of disruption to working routine.

QES offers a range of services to clients

  • Onsite Audiometric testing
  • Individual and summary reports for all employees tested
  • Employee education on how to protect their hearing
  • We can supply Personal Protective Equipment!

Our audiometry service supports businesses by implementing strategies to mitigate risk of noise exposure and keeping comprehensive records.

Simply contact us, to chat about your employee hearing testing requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable team of acoustic consultants.


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