To be the leading and preferred partner for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) and Quality, Environment Safety (QES)


To have every engaged client equipped with adequate safety knowledge, improving safety standards and implementing measures to reduce fatality rates across Singapore to build a better and safer future


Quality: Providing value to our services

ExcellenceProvide the best we can

Safety: We ensure safety in us first to instill safety in you

Adequate: Adequate and relevant measures only, no extras

Finely: Scrutinize to the minor details

Execution: Execute decisions decisively

Timely: We understand the need to be timely

Yearners: We are all learners one way or another. Always room for improvement

About Us

Fatality rates are still going up as we speak hence it is our mission to be the leading and preferred partner for WSH and QES matters. Companies need to realize the seriousness in implementing proper safety measures.

At QE Safety, our team of WSH professionals have years of experience in specialized industries like construction, pharmaceutical and engineering.

Since our inception in 2014, we have handled many clients that are renowned in their respective industries and with their recommendations and testimonials we have ingrained our position deeply in Singapore.