Important Announcement

We have expanded into Malaysia and are looking for partners that would like to collaborate together.
Our services for Malaysia are currently focused on the certification services.
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New application and Renewal

Predicting Workplace Injuries

What we do

Certificate Services

Get accredited with the required certification for your various project tenders in a short period of time

(Bizsafe 1, 2, 3, 4, Star, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, SS506 Part 1 & 3)

WSH Risk Assessment

WSH Risk Assessment software to aid and quicken conventional risk assessment process

Providing Manpower

Provide Part-Time/Full-Time Workplace Safety & Health Officers, Environmental Control Officer, Confined Space Safety Accessor, Work at Height Assessor and Manager

Experienced Professionals

Professionals experienced in construction / pharmaceutical / marine engineering who know the norms and to-do and not-to-do

Develop Solutions

Customize solutions with onsite assessment. Solutions will be assessed and verified by professional engineers if required.

Safety Audit

Comprehensive audit to uncover gaps and overlooked practices


Purchase or loan safety/rescue equipment on ad hoc basis

(Privilege and discounts for repeated clients)

Customized Safety Training

Get training from our trainers whom are experienced in your specific industry and provide you with insights. Related information will be provided on a periodic basis to nudge your brain after training ends